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The time manifesto

Game of our Lives Foundation

An International Declaration

All around the world today, deep signals of trauma are apparent for both the planet and her people. An orgy of human made abuses are pushing our entire ecosystem to its limit.

Our advanced civilization that evolved over millions of years is tricking itself into thinking all is well, when science tells us a different story. Political short termism, leadership indifference, apathy driven by false narrative in our social media and pure criminality are all to share blame.

Today, in the early 2020’s, this decade promises to knock the final nail in the coffin of existence and start the countdown to a self-created end.

When mother nature and her helpless children became breathless and cried out, the generations to come will look back and define this period as the generation that collectively, turned its back.

But although our time is almost over and our clock ticks 5 minutes to midnight, there is an answer. Skillful and dedicated women and men, young and old, empowered organisations and communities are working hard to shape change.

They hold the key, they have the will and devotion and many of the answers to overcome all our challenges but they lack support, resources, tools and the human population to help accelerate their solutions.

Billions of humans are inspired by these few, but have not yet joined the fight, not due to lack of willingness, but lack of focus of time, the right guidance and easy access to the solutions. As a consequence, we collectively have failed this changemaker community and we need to correct that mistake, fast.

These 2.5 billion change accelerators ‘actionists’ are waiting, spending over 2.5 hours a day, scrolling, swiping, liking and passively viewing. False narratives & addictive habits in social media drive this potential powerhouse of change up the wrong trail.

We need to give them the tools to refocus their time to pledge, support, petition, stand, protest, donate, resist, lobby, self educate, vote, volunteer, march, … The hidden questions can then be answered, ‘I want to help but how, where and what?’

We do not have time to fight a long battle of change so we need fast practical solutions that use their tools, understand a more humane technology, purpose linked to entertainment, gamification of good, currency linked to social action, engagement driven by heros in sports and culture and the local communities.

Billions of people already battle daily & build new empires on video games, share daily life stories on social media, build communities of millions without inspiration to empower, this is our opportunity.

We need to harness these skills and redirect their game play into a single game, a game we are all in, the game of our lives.

…If just 5% of Global social media time used could be transferred to focus on giving it would be the equivalent of a Global full time workforce of 130,000,000. This would be 50 times bigger than the world’s largest organisation at 2.2m employees, or 3500 times larger than the world's largest universal multilateral international organization dedicated to maintaining peace, advancing human rights and promoting justice, equality and development. The United Nations.

This mission needs to be tackled with immediate vigor and winning over this global workforce must not be underestimated. Time is not on our side but it may just be our saviour. Let’s get into the game.

Stichting Game of Our Lives is established as a non-profit organisation and abides by the Dutch Regulations.

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Stichting Game of Our Lives Foundation

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